What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag?

The dream bag for me above 💜

BAG : I have two main bags I use depending on how much stuff I need to carry on the day – both are Michael Kors because I am obsessed with him . My smaller of the two bags is the three zip black over the shoulder and the larger is my blue rectangle bag! Both I received as birthdays gifts !


CARD HOLDER // I’ve been using this card holder for a few years now and I just love it. If I use my smaller bag I can’t fit my larger purse in so I always have my card holder on hand. It fits my debit card , dart card ect and a small amount of cash .

EARPHONES // I always have my apple earphones with me – I love to listen to music on the go and they also help get you out of sticky situations 😉

MY ON THE GO MAKEUP BAG // I always have a small make up bag out with me . I will write a separate blog soon about what’s in my main makeup bag and my day time one also !

MY DIARY // I bought this diary while I was on a trip to London with my best friend . I love the colours so much it’s quite girly. I like to be able to write down my schedule instead of having it all on my phone- I’m old school like that!


Also of course I have my phone , car keys , and umbrella when it fits also :)!

X Bonnie


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