Makeup Brushes

IMG_8931Ok so let’s talk makeup brushes . I don’t want to ramble on too much about them, I just was to let you know what my go to brushes are.

As you all know I am a makeup lover and I love finding new brushes to play around with.

As of recent I went on the hunt for some great new brushes as I wanted new eyeshadow ones to add to my kit. They needed to look good – feel good and be a blending dream as I am using them on clients !

So let’s gets to the good stuff starting with eyes-

Eyes //
To blend my concealer on my eyes (or primer) I use the inglot 4ssIMG_8926.JPG

As my main blending brush I now use inglot 6ss . To be honest I’m not quite sure what I was doing before this brush ? It is so user friendly it practically does the job for you. If you only buy one new brush let it be this one for sure!


For my darker lid colour and to blend that colour in to my base colours I use inglot 10s .IMG_8928.JPG

Foundation //
I use a kabuki style brush by Fushia and a beauty blender to help give that flawless finish .IMG_8925.JPG

Eyebrows //
I use the benefit hard angle definer brush . It’s super easy to use.IMG_8924.JPG

Contour //
To contour I use the Zoeva contour brush . This was such a reasonable price and has lasted me about 2 years and it’s still perfect about from a few battle wounds on the metal! IMG_8929.JPG

Lastly my advise would be clean your brushes after every use to get the best out of them . I know this sounds like such a pain but it’s not! After every time I apply makeup I clean it off using the inglot brush cleanser . It is a spray and you swirl the brush on some cotton pads and BAM all done in 2 minutes ! Then give your brushes a deep clean, I would recommend once every 2 weeks . I do it once a week but that is because I use mine on clients when doing their makeup and I need to ensure they are super clean and of course it also means I have a lot of product on them over the course of the week.

Happy brushing 🙂

X Bonnie


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