My Top 5 Youtubers

My Top 5 Youtubers

My Top Youtube Channels


I love finding new YouTube channels to watch. You can learn so much from them, for example I have pretty much learned all I know about makeup from finding interesting channels and tutorials to watch.

I have picked my top 5 YouTubers to share with you




Carli Bybel has been on YouTube for years. She is amazing at makeup but has also teamed up with misguided to create her own fashion lines. Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow and the end result is always stunning.


Jazmine Hand is a freelance makeup artist, and again her tutorials are so easy to follow. She records a lot of her clients makeovers and goes through every product and technique she uses step by step.



Desi Perkins Is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger. I love Desi’s style of makeup. My favourite look Desi has recently created was on Kim Kardashian West using Desi’s eyeshadow pallet and the KKW contour pallet. She is definitely worth following.




Tar Mar is a lifestyle and fashion vlogger I have been following for a long time. She is a Cork native living in New York and taking the fashion scene by storm. She’s got a great personality and is amazing at editing her vlogs and creating visually beautiful content across her social media channels.



Krissy Cela has a health and wellness channel. I love her workout videos because 1. Her body is amazing so she totally motivates me but 2. because her workouts are filmed very well and are easy to watch and recreate.



And then of course there’s ….. Me ! My YouTube channel is based heavily of Beauty but also has a fashion and lifestyle element and will soon have more fitness videos, as I am still building my content. 2018 is a year I will be focusing heavily on my channel so make sure you are subscribed



lots Of Love

Bonnie X


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