My Top 5 Candles

My Top 5 Candles

Hi there 🙂 I hope everyone is wrapped up warm today and staying safe from this crazy snow we are having at the moment .

I can’t deny my love of candles. I don’t know about you, but I always have candles burning in my house, they create such a calming atmosphere and beautiful aromas.

I have chosen my top 5 candles,ranging in price for you today.


Starting with the most affordable candle. This is a double wick scented candle from Dunnes Stores. This candle looks so much more exspensive then what it is and burns beautifully .

Price €5

I love candles by Noem. They burn so lovely , and their scent is so strong that it fills any room. They have so many amazing scents to choose from and prices range depending on the size you want. You can try one out in travel size for a reasonable price.

Price €19

Another Dunnes store candle range I love is Francis Brennan. The packaging on these candles is so gorgeous. They look amazing on your bedside table or even coffee table.

Price €20

Sass and Boho are a range I have recently fallen in love with. This is the candle I burn in my bedroom because the scent is so relaxing and makes me feel like I am in a spa. The scent I use is citrus intense . I can’t tell you how beautiful it smells. Anyone who comes into my bedroom always asks what the amazing scent is. You can buy these candles online at sass&boho’s website

Price €32

Last but not least is the most luxurious candle. A candle you almost don’t want to burn because of the price tag, but when you do it is so worth it for its incredible aroma. You guessed it , Jo Malone. My favourite scent by Jo Malone is Pomergranate Noir . Price vary depending on size. Price based on their average size.

Price €52

Happy candle shopping , and stay wrapped up today

Lots Of Love

Bonnie X



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